Heart of Darkness

2 of 6 X 1HR DRAMA DOC (Director & Editor)

True stories of love descending into its darkest place - but crimes of the heart do not always have an obvious perpetrator.

In Lust for Murder Stacie Smith is found dead and an accusation that she was unfaithful is written on the wall of the crime scene - police believe a jealous lover is the culprit but she was a woman with secrets.

Gambling with the Devil is the story of Yvonne Oulton who fails to show up at the Casino to meet her husband Robert, he and his son eventually discover her bludgeoned body in the back of her minivan. Initially considered a robbery - as police track down the killer, they quickly unearth a series of lies, and a trail of surveillance footage that leads them straight to an unlikely perpetrator.

For these two stories I helped develop the structures, writing the drama elements after assembling the interview sync. I cast actors, recced locations/sets and after directing the shoots I worked the edits through to completion.

Talos Films / Discovery ID

Director: Lewis Albrow | Series Director: Tom Latter | Producer: Josh Wilkins | Exec Producers: Julian Hobbs & Elli Hakami

Lewis is ethusiastic, experienced, patient and calm, and has produced consistently great work for us here at Talos Films. He truly owned the two episodes he directed and edited, delivering them with real commitment.
— Julian Hobbs - Co-President, Talos Films

The Lake Erie Murders - Who Killed amy Mihaljevic?

3 X 1HR DRAMA DOC (2nd Unit Director & Editor)

Epic and forensic look at one of the most famous unsolved murders in US history. 1989, in Bay Villiage, Ohio, 10 year old Amy disappeared after being lured to a shopping plaza after school. Police, FBI and the entire community search desperately until her body is found beside a rural road four months later. The search for Amy then becomes the hunt for her killer…

Using extensive drama recreation, this three-part special tells the story of Amy’s family, friends and a community that lost its innocence and has been haunted by an era of fear. It also follow the law enforcement officers from the day of her abduction to the current day and the recent breakthroughs in DNA technology which may finally solve the case.

The Lake Erie Series proved to be one of the most watched shows in the channel’s history. 

Talos Films / Discovery ID

Director: Thomas Latter | Producer: Josh Wilkins | Exec Producers: Julian Hobbs & Elli Hakami

Lewis’s work on Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic was nothing short of stellar. It was an outstanding series, an enjoyable process and would not have been anywhere near as successful without him.
— Josh Wilkins - Producer, The Lake Erie Murders


1 OF 6 X 1HR DRAMA DOC (Writer & Editor)

The Morrissey family suffer a brutal home invasion, but with nothing stolen the motive was not robbery. No forensics were left at the scene and the clues don't add up, leaving police confounded. Then they get a call which turn the case upside down. 

True crime story using police, witness and victim testimony brought to life with drama recreations. The emphasis is on the use of wiretap audio recordings to solve the crime. 

ArrowMedia / Discovery ID

Director: Seb Smith | Series Director: Tom Keeling

A calm and insanely creative presence in the edit, adept at deploying aggression, emotion and space wherever needed. Lewis also has a brilliant sense of dramatic storytelling and excellent taste in music.
— Tom Keeling - Series Director, The Devil Speaks



Epics series examining and recreating the moments of seismic change in the rise of Rome to the superpower which still fascinates and influences us today. Including Ceasar crossing the Rubicon, Spartacus choosing to revolt and the whipping of Boudicca.

I edited Rome’s First Emperor where Ceasar’s heir, the young upstart Octavian, takes on Anthony and Cleopatra for the soul of an Empire and trumps to become Augustus. And The Rebirth of Rome which the story of Constantine who changed the face of the world when he absorbed a new religion into his Empire and converted to Christianity.

Lush drama recon and new archeological revelations make this a fresh take on a much loved period in history.

October Films / C5

Director: Nigel Levy | Series Director: Jim Greayer

I was incredibly lucky enough to have Lewis edit my two films in the series ‘Eight Days That Made Rome’. He did a wonderful job with great style and a perfect sense of rhythm and pacing. Most importantly he approached each film with a very strong dramatic sense. I hope we get to work together again soon.
— Nigel Levy - Director, Eight Days That Made Rome



Examining the darkest corners of human morality, these true stories of forbidden love are retold using intimate interviews and stylish drama reconstructions to reveal the lengths that people will go to for love.

Christy Martin's chance to become the greatest female boxer is sabotaged by her abusive and controlling trainer-husband who threatens to reveal her deepest secret to the world... 

Blast Films

Director: Chris Holt | Producer: Ellen Arnold

Lewis is excellent at what he does, fast but patient, skilled but always ready to experiment. Working with him on Forbidden was a pleasure as I knew from day one that my film was in safe hands. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Chris Holt - Director, Forbidden



The 700-year battle for freedom told from the perspective of the Barbarian leaders that rise up against the tyranny of Rome. From Hannibal  conquering the Alps, through the slave rebellion of Spartacus and the resistance of Queen Boudica, to the Empire's final destruction at the hands of the Vandal King Geiseric and Atilla the Hun.

Epic storytelling, vast ancient battles, big-budget scripting, cast, costume and location. As well as some immense VFX carnage. 

I worked as the lead editor on the first episode - Hannibal & Viriathus - cutting all the drama scenes which form the majority of the episodes, supported by experts and narrated 'pods' that give historical context. I also did additional editing on all the other episodes.   

October Films / History Channel

Directors: Declan O'Dwyer, Mo Sweeny | Series Director: Simon George

Lewis’s insight and understanding of story and structure is a true gift. HIs ability to see stuff from multiple perspectives is a rarity - and should be bottled as its like creative lightning.
— Declan O'Dwyer - Director, Barbarians Rising


2 OF 6 X 1HR DRAMA DOC (2nd Unit Director & Editor)

Fully scripted and extended drama reconstructions bring to life the stories of women who have suffered the relentless attentions of obsessive ex-lovers. Told by the victims, these true crime narratives have a naturalistic, observational drama which draw you in to their dark, noirish and sometimes shocking scenes.

I edited the two episodes of the fourth series and also directed the second unit on location.

October Films

Series Director: Tom Latter

I worked with Lewis on two drama docs that I directed and SPd - he edited and directed second unit for both eps. I’ve tried to secure him for every project I’ve directed or SPd since - he applied a really keen storytelling eye, intellectual rigour and an amazing creative flair to every facet of the edit. I loved working with him - he was calm personified throughout, and was an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Thomas Latter - Series Producer, Obsession



Big-budget project reconstructing the famous events of Jan 15th 2009 when an American Airlines flight hit birds and the heroic captain Sully had to ditch in the Hudson river. 155 people were saved after an ordeal when everyone aboard throught they were certain to die. With gripping testimony from the crew and passengers who's conflicting accounts are forensically and dramatically recreated using a rewinding narrative structure. The film was shot in the biggest green screen tank in Europe where a plane full of extras was sunk. and then augmented by compositing and VFX. 

RAW / History Channel

Director. Simon George | Producer: Bart Layton


HITLER: the rise and fall


The rise and fall of the dictator told with classy drama scenes of the key tipping point events in his life; Actor, Opportunist, Victor, Monster and Downfall. A stylised, crafted treatment which set this series apart from the ubiquitous competition. I worked on the last two episodes which express a fractured and twisted headspace as Hitler descends into denial and fantasy. 

Arrow Media / Discovery AHC / More4

Directors: Sam Taplin, Stan Griffin | Producer: Ash Potterton

Lewis is by far the best editor I’ve worked with. He has an instinctive feel for cutting - his rhythm is just right, he picks great music, he makes great picture choices... the whole lot. On top of that he’s good company in the edit, totally patient and dedicated to making the work as good as it can be. If you can get him you’re very lucky.
— Sam Taplin - Director, Hitler: The Rise and Fall



The true crime story of teenager Skylar Neese and how CCTV solved the mystery of her sudden disappearance. Every parents nightmare is pieced together with dogged police work to reveal a mysterious narrative and a stunning twist. One of the best stories from the channel's best rated shows, weaving dramatic reconstruction and direct testimony from Skylar's parents and the dedicated cops on her trail.

Arrow Media / Discovery ID

Director: Ian Clark | Producer: Thomas Viner




Stunt-laden action recreations explore the lives of six samurai, drawing their stories from their skeletal remains. A mass burial site in Kamakura, Japan is found to be connected to a massive event in Japanese history circa 1333, the wounds on the skeletons revealing how they died and what weapons were used. 

October Films / Channel 4 / Nat Geo

Director: Simon Bertheon | Producer: Adam Bullmore